The Foliage on Ikthe, a Predator Planet

On a planet with two suns, the weather is best described as hot. A thick gassy atmosphere and strong magnetic poles keeps it nice and humid on Ikthe. Esra might use the term “hellhot”. It’s a sauna. Plant life thrives under these conditions. Below find lots of greenery from Esra’s home on earth. Just imagine sets of sinister red eyes glowing from under the fronds, and man-length tendrils that will drag you to the bole of a tree waiting to digest you alive, and you’ll get the idea.

The Predators on Ikthe

They’re everywhere and yet impossible to capture on film. Here are suggestions of what the dangerous predators on Ikthe might look like. The scabika, the deadly rokhura, the creatures that make up the lion’s share of the protein that the Theraxl race needs to thrive, are just a couple of prehistoric-like reptiles reminiscent of Earth’s ancient dinosaurs. The predators on Predator Planet are out to kill or be killed. Darwin would have loved a jaunt on this strange planet…if he had lived to study it. Humans have a twenty to thirty percent chance survival rate here. Esra Weaver probably won’t make it a week.

Predator Planet Insect Life

Predator Planet has all of the same building blocks found throughout the universe. Carbon-based life forms and familiar elements such as water, nitrogen or methane. That doesn’t mean the life forms evolved as they did on earth. Predator Planet seems familiar to Esra Weaver with its greenery, rich aromas and the sounds reminiscent of the woods back home on earth. But what exactly are these bugs flying around? What made that noise in the trees? And what is rising out of the boiling mud pit? If it wasn’t for her high-tech suit, she would already be dead from any number of Predator Planet bugs. Stay sharp when you visit Predator Planet.

Ecosystem Variety on the Predator Planet

Esra has just barely scratched the surface of her foray onto the Predator Planet. She wants to get off, but in the meantime, she can’t help but explore and discover the pristine wilderness unsullied by human hands. The crackle of a stick behind her, the boot print on the cave floor, the streak of a jet trail overhead…maybe Predator Planet isn’t completely untouched after all.

Esra is equipped with the IGMC Explorer X8 suit when she lands on the uninhabited Predator Planet.
Photo by Jonas Verstuyft on Unsplash

Evolution of Twin Planets

Large mass bodies behave like liquids near the gravity-inducing stars such as yellow giants. When the asteroid hit the mother planet, the two largest chunks of planet formed into spheres, their cores hotbeds of magma. Now they revolve around the yellow giant and the red dwarf in tandem, affecting each other’s tides and seasons relentlessly as they orbit the dual suns.

Watch for the Predator Planet Series by Vicky Holt coming January of 2019