About Vicky Holt’s Books

Vicky Holt has been writing romance for two decades. Vicky Holt romances are fun, adventurous and with just the right amount of steam to make chemistry. Sweet romance, cozy mysteries, paranormal and Sci-Fi are all available in Author Holt’s repertoire. Her debut novel was “97: The Warloch’s Pact” about an ancient warrior race that rises up to defeat their overlord warlock masters. The action converges on a small town in Oregon and innocent Jane Burrows gets caught up in the danger. “97” was the first in the “Rise of the Battle Bred” trilogy, “98” and “99” being the last two books in the series.

Vicky Holt also participated in a romance bundle. The collection of sweet romances featured heroines cloistered in a sleepy little New Brunswick community called Heartland Cove. “Happily Ever Kissed” is about Ava who runs a ramshackle B&B and reads a lot of romance novels. She dreams of her first kiss on the covered bridge. “Beckoned” follows strong but serious Sandrine who keeps the Cove Light lighthouse as she rescues a handsome man from a dangerous storm.

Vicky Holt was invited to write in the exciting world of Mary O’Reilly of the “Mary O’Reilly Paranormal Mystery” franchise. With esteemed author Terri Reid’s permission, Vicky Holt published two novellas that take place in the world: “Safety Measures” and “Missing Links“, but featuring Gini Case, a white hat hacker that uses her computer skills to help Mary O’Reilly track down murderers with the help of ghosts.

Another clean romance title is “Just My City Boy“, about two young people trying to make a living in Detroit. Lauren Beckers is a lounge singer, and Zack Daniels is suffering from PTSD. When a botched mugging brings them together, only PTSD can break them apart.

Vicky Holt is currently working on a science fiction adventure series called “Predator Planet Series”. Book 1, Hunted on Predator Planet, is available wherever books are sold. The audio version can be purchased HERE, and Book 2, Tracked on Predator Planet is available at this universal link. The audio version is in production featuring the distinguished voice acting talent of Paul Metcalfe, the Voice of Predator Planet.

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