Tracked on Predator Planet AudioBook is Available!

How was your holiday? Even being homebound, we managed to stay busy. In all the holiday chaos, I neglected to update you on Tracked on Predator Planet’s progress for the audio version. It is live and well! Here is the link to the Audible version narrated by the distinguished Paul Metcalfe: And I should warn you that I am a part of Amazon’s Affiliate program, so keep that in mind as you’re one-clicking! 😉

My readers really seem to be enjoying Book 2; the reviews are great, and I can’t believe I already have over fifty of them. More than one person said they enjoyed Book 2 even more than Book 1, and weren’t expecting that. Neither was I! Then again, once I immerse myself in the world, I have a hard time leaving. I’m trying to build a portfolio of Predator Planet wildlife sketches because it would be really cool to have a Predator Planet companion book to really lose yourself in.

You will be happy to know that Book 3 is well underway, and I have caught myself chuckling at more than one spot in the book. You can expect more danger, more blood, more poop jokes, and of course, more monsters. Thanks for reading, and if you haven’t picked up your e-book copy of Tracked yet, here’s the link to that as well:

If you are interested in a signed paperback, you will have to wait a bit longer, as I have not yet received my order. But the paperback is available, unsigned, from here.

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